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Special Event Flower Preservation





Let’s face it- we all want to hold good memories close to our hearts. Whether it’s your wedding day, a service to memorialize a loved one, an anniversary, or any special event, we all would like to make our memories last.

That is why I do floral preservation, and I am pleased to offer my Flower Preservation Services to you!

Please read the following basic requirements. You must agree to these points in order to be considered as a client of Doc Green Grows. 

Your flowers must be received by me within 24 hours of your event. Whether you choose to deliver your flowers in person to me at my farm in Winder, Georgia, or use FedEx Same-Day or FedEx Overnight Delivery, I MUST receive your flowers within 24 hours of the event. Why? Because from the moment a flower is cut, it begins to decline. To create an excellent dried product, I must start with fresh, perfect flowers. Therefore, it is your responsibility to 1) Arrange for flower delivery and 2) Assure that your flowers have been given the best possible treatment before mailing/delivery. Please keep all bouquets in fresh, clean water until you ship.  You will receive detailed instructions on how to pack your flowers for shipping (although personal delivery to my farm is best.)


Flower preservation takes time. You will have to wait for your finished product. For example, it takes 3-4 weeks to thoroughly dry heirloom roses. Some flowers dry faster than others, but in general it will take me about one month to professionally dry your flowers. After drying, I will begin designing. But that also takes time. It generally takes me between 1-2 months to create the final piece.  When you sign your contract, you will be given a time frame for final receipt. I will of course do everything I can to design your piece promptly, but expect a 3 month waiting period for your final product during the warm season.





I reserve the right to exclude any flowers or greenery that are sub-optimal for drying. Why? Because I’ve learned over the years what will work and what will not work. If I receive hydrangeas that are falling apart, there is nothing I can do to make them perfect again. I will make every effort to use all elements of an arrangement in the final design, but I believe the end goal for everyone involved is a beautiful work of art.  The client must be willing to trust that I will do everything I can to include all elements, but in the end, I will use the material that looks the best. 


Expect flower colors to change during the drying process. Many flowers will take on a deeper shade after drying. Light pink will sometimes dry as dark pink. Red may dry as very dark red. Off-white may dry as light brown. I cannot control the natural processes of drying, so please keep that in mind. 


Contract minimum price is $475 (plus sales tax.) Once the contract is signed, and deposit is received, you will decide what size and style shadow box you prefer. My designs are unique because I use a special drying process that preserves the structure of the bloom. For that reason, I use shadow boxes, so that the full size and texture of the flower may be preserved.


The contract gives me permission to create a work of art from your material.  You will decide general aspects of the final piece, like general layout, frame size and color, etc. But in the end, it will be my eye that creates the final product.

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