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This 9x9 dried flower shadowbox includes Dahlias “Boom Boom White” and “Small World”, Larkspur “QIS Lilac”, Amni “Green Mist”, and Nigella seed pods.


Doc Green’s dried flower shadow boxes are one-of-a-kind, handmade works of art. Doc grows all the flowers and plant material herself on her flower farm in Winder, Georgia. Contents of the shadow boxes are 100% natural, real dried flowers, grown with care and concern for the local ecosystem. No dyes or preservatives are used. They are 100% natural and 100% real- just how Ma Nature intended. .

Flower Supernova

Frame Color
  • Doc Green's shadowboxes are composed of flowers and plants that were grown on her flower farm in Georgia. The materials in each box are either air-dried, pressed, or dried in silica beads.  Because the materials are entirely real, they are delicate. While these works of art are expected to last many years, their longevity depends on you. To retain vibrant colors, hang your shadow box inside and away from direct sunlight.  Sunlight fades the color on dried flowers, so it is important to keep the shadow box away from direct sunlight.

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