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Succulent Fun on the Farm

It was a fun day today working with my succulent collection to create funky planters for upcoming festivals! All credit goes to Amanda Tedrow (Program Development Coordinator for UGA Extension) for bringing me into the fun and stress-free world of succulents. Because really, if your day job involves plants, you really don't want needy plants in your spare time! I was in awe of Amanda's genius idea to collect cacti and succulents! What other plant can you neglect for weeks and it still lives?

Fast forward six years, included in that 5 years of farming, and 90% of my houseplants are dead. What can you do? It's just really hard to care about Pothos when you have 30 different Kalanchoes. Honestly I'm quite surprised some of my houseplants *appear* to be alive. It's probably just rigor mortis.

So! If you like plants but don't have time, try succulents! I'll bring a nice selection to downtown Monroe next Saturday, October 9 for the Monroe Fall Festival.

See you there, plant amigos!

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